Master Yung Sik Wei

Master Yung Sik Wei「翁悉懷師傅」is a renowned scholar in the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics commonly known as fēng-shuǐ「風水」or Chinese geomancy. He is also a highly respected Taoist Master of Máo Shān Bái Lián Zhēn Xīn Jiào「茅山白蓮真心教」– a movement or sect within Taoism. His disciples and followers span the globe and could be found in the China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan region, South-East-Asia, America, and Europe.

Master Yung is blessed from childhood with a sharp aptitude towards both Taoism and Buddhism and has always been staunchly pious. Many learned priests and monks were eager to take young master Yung under their wings to undertake his training in religion and in the divine arts of Taoism.

But being from a traditional family, his mother strongly objected to his son taking on the life of a priest or a monk. She was also biased towards the arts within the Taoist sect of Máo Shān – associating it with some of the dark practices of witchcraft or sorcery.

For centuries Máo Shān masters have been the saviors of their communities, tending to people’s illnesses, combating plagues and warding off all things evil and impure. Therefore, in spite of his mother’s objections, Master Yung secretly embarked upon his training as a master of the Máo Shān arts.

One day, Master Yung’s mother unfortunately took ill. Her legs were infected with puss-filled boils and sores. Every resource known to her was called upon, from old wives’ remedies to modern medicine, but to no avail.

To witness his mother’s pain and suffering was more than bearable for Master Yung, and risking repercussion and anger, coaxed her to let him try where many doctors have failed. Applying his skills, his mother was quickly cured. Not only did his mother then allow him to continue his studies of the Máo Shān arts, she herself became a faithful disciple of our Grand Master, the divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá「胡秀華祖師」.

In his youth, Master Yung frequented Malaysia, where he met several Masters with the lineage to Máo Shān Grand Master, the divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá「茅山法主胡秀華仙師」. At the turn of the last century, many Chinese immigrants were literally sold as slaves to work in Malaya's mining industry. In those darker days, these workers lived in hardship and poverty. Some of the Masters in our sect had journeyed there in their aid, providing medical care and helping the suffering. Thus, the teachings of our Grand Master left its mark and have since been handed down over the generations.

These Masters of the ancient arts of Máo Shān do not impart the secrets of their divine skills lightly, but impressed by Master Yung’s character, furthered his training. Over several years, Master Yung’s knowledge and ability as a Máo Shān Master grew ever stronger under their tutelage. Back in Hong Kong, as fate would have it, Master Yung was initiated as a disciple of the highly respected Master Zēng Xiàn Zhēn「曾憲真師公」.

From the time that Master Yung became a follower of Máo Shān, he discovered that the divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá「胡秀華仙師」was learned in all the Five Arts or wǔ shù「五術」, of ancient China, which includes using divine powers - shān「山」, medicine - yī「醫」, cosmology and astrology - mìng「命」, divination and geomancy - xiàng「相」and fortune-telling - bǔ 「卜」. He was further intrigued by their complexities and discovered the extraordinary effectiveness in the simultaneous application of these subtly inter-related arts.

If fortune-telling predicts that a person is deemed to encounter an unfortunate mishap, the use of fēng-shuǐ could be applied to counter his ill fate. Or in the case where one seeks good-fortune and riches via the execution of a fēng-shuǐ technique, divine powers could be called upon via a talisman to enhance the effect.

Master Yung’s mastery of these treasured skills and his ability to apply them intricately in complex combinations have indeed made him unique and revered in his profession.