Master Yung Sik Wei adopts the religious or Dharma name (法號) of Guāng Pǔ「光普」which literally translates to Universal Light, symbolizing his wisdom and compassion. The epigram he wrote applying the two simple words of his pseudonym reads - guāng yào mén méi「光耀門楣」pǔ chuan hóng jiào「普傳宏教」- loosely translating to “enlighten all with my school of learning”.

It illustrates his clear conviction to impart his knowledge of both the Five Arts as well as the Máo Shān teachings of our Grand Master, the divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá「茅山法主胡秀華祖師」. He is committed to the continuation of the Grand Master's sect, namely Bái Lián Zhēn Xīn Jiào「白蓮真心教」or The White Lotus Sect of the True Heart, and the flourishing of His teachings.

He hopes to correct the common misconceptions some people have towards the Máo Shān arts and to bring peace and well-being through the Grand Master’s wisdom. Allocating time from his busy schedule of work and travel, Master Yung hopes to achieve some of these aspirations by holding classes in the Five Arts, such as fēng-shuǐ and fortune-telling, and will also undertake the training of more disciples in the divine arts of our Grand Master.

In recent years, Master Yung's consultancy work, especially in the areas of fēng-shuǐ, has brought him to all corners of the world. Applying his expertise in different environments of multi ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds, he sees the need for translation of his work and knowledge beyond the Chinese language and dialects. Therefore, he has trained translators to accurately relay the highly technical aspects of his knowledge. In this era of globalisation, Master Yung hopes that his efforts would bring understanding of these arts to a more diverse audience.