009Association Aids the Under Privilidged and Donates to Education
20th of September, 2011 the Association held the Divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá Festival「胡秀華仙師寶誕大會」for the 16th time. During this auspicious occasion, the Association raised donations for charity and we are sincerely grateful for each contribution. Some of 2012's charity projects include the aiding of the poor and supporting education in the rural areas in Conghua (從化市), China. Master Yung continues to lead and guide the Association in its charity work .........more

007Association Undertakes New Charity Project
Guangzhou - A few years ago, the local government initiated a program to provide housing for the poor in the Guangdong Province but due to the inflation of building materials, the project was abandoned by the contractors. When this was brought to Master Yung's attention, he led the Association in an endeavor to complete the project. Through the Association's on-going charity projects, Master Yung hopes to foster our sense of charity and commitment in helping those in need.........more

TAN TIK SIOE is one of Máo Shān sect’s well-known masters in South-East-Asia. He was born at noon, January 11th, 1884 (which relates to the 14th day of the 12th month of the lunar calendar) in Surabaya. Between the years of 1916-1918, Master Tan’s reputation for curing the sick and his ability to predict or see into the future has spread throughout East and Central Java. He traveled to Singapore in 1928 and eventually was laid to rest in Penang, Malaysia..........more

004Fortune-telling「卜」Saves Cat!
Mr. Chen's family cat had disappeared. After days of searching, he feared the worst. Seeking Master Yung's help, Master Yung applied a method of fortune-telling「卜」and concluded that the cat was injured but alive and was trapped by 'sticks of metal'. He further advised that the cat would be saved at a certain auspicious day and time and provided Mr. Chen with instructions. The cat was rescued under the details described by Master Yung. Coincidence or is it geomancy at work?.........more

006Master Yung saves critical accident victim
June, 2007, a Macanese dentistry student, from the Taipei Medical University Hospital, fell victim to a near fatal motor-vehicle accident in Muzha, Taipei. The accident literally sliced off a portion of his skull. Consensus on his chances of survival was slim. Master Yung’s help was sought, which leads to another example where divine powers, geomancy and medicine work hand in hand to save a life. Having recovered from his near-death experience, Dr. Wong has graduated..........more

001Máo Shān Grand Master battles Evil Sorcerer
A few years ago, a scholar published an article on the Máo Shān Grand Master, the divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá「茅山法主胡秀華仙師」, consulting with several respectable Máo Shān Masters. It accounts how his victory over jiàng tóu (降頭), a form of sorcery commonly practiced in South East Asia, restricts its influence to that region. Photos in the article show Master Yung's altar「神檀」and his qián kūn dài「乾坤袋」- being a talisman with divine powers..........more

002The research of Taiwan folk Zhu-You culture (Fu-lu therapy)
-The beliefs of Tian-he-man Fu-lu system and therapy

Mr. Zhu Yao-Guang (朱耀光), a disciple of Taiwan's Tian-he-man「天和門」, wrote the following thesis when he graduated with his Masters degree from Tzu Chi University in Religious and Cultural Studies (台灣慈濟大學宗教與文化研究所). His thesis includes : 符籙信仰的傳入與開展、符籙道法的傳習(過館) 、符的樣式與咒語分析、天和門符籙療法的探索、符籙療法解析。..........more

000Tao Te Ching《道德經》
The ancient Chinese philosopher Lǎo Zǐ’「老子」or Tài Shàng Lǎo Jūn「太上老君」being one of the central figures in Taoism wrote this ancient text of Tao Te Ching or Dào Dé Jīng《道德經》which provides the fundamentals of philosophical Taoism. Using dào「道」which literally translates to “way” but extended to mean “The Way” and dé「德」which literally translates to “virtue” or “integrity”, this ancient classic scripture lays the foundations of Taoism.》..........more