Yung Sik Wei Taoism and Metaphysics Association

Yung Sik Wei Taoism and Metaphysics Association「翁悉懷道壇術數學會」was established in 1996. Master Yung Sik Wei「翁悉懷師傅」founded this organization to congregate fellow followers of Taoism, especially practitioners of shén gōng「神功」, and to also promote the study and practice of wǔ xíng shù shù「五行術數」, commonly referred to as Chinese geomancy.

The Association's goals include enhancing the understanding of these ancient arts and teaching the doctrine of the divine Celestial Immortal Hú Xiù Huá「胡秀華仙師」. Its core principles are based on the virtues of kindness and compassion, and the Way of the Tao.

Strongly believing in fate and the laws of the Heavens, we humbly acknowlegde that none is immune from the decrees of morality, nature and of the Heavens and the Association is strongly committed to nurturing one’s sense of charity and goodwill.